How to Get Ready For Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

How to Get Ready For Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution - Style Loft Activewear

There’s nothing like a brand new year to give you a fresh start and a blank slate to make it your best year yet. Many of us start the new year with the best intentions and promises for changes in our lifestyle habits. 

While over 40% of Americans make New Year's resolutions, you might be surprised to know that only 9% follow through on the goal they’ve set for the new year. Weight loss goals are some of the most common resolutions but why do so many people fail? 

If you want to turn your New Year’s fitness goals into reality, we’ve got some tips to help you stay on track and start your fitness journey in style! 

Plan Ahead and Set Realistic Goals 

One of the main reasons that people fail to achieve any goal is by making it unrealistic and unattainable. If you tell yourself that you will never eat a burger again, chances are you’ve set yourself up to fail. 

What you want to do is make a goal that you can achieve, such as committing to only eating a burger once a month instead of twice. 

You also want to plan your goals ahead of time. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to scramble around deciding your goals. Plan ahead and ensure that your goals are well thought-out.

Incorporate Fitness Into Your Lifestyle

Thinking about exercising can be daunting and can make fitness seem like a chore. Instead, you want to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle seamlessly so that it is something that you look forward to. 

For example, if you hate the gym, find a way to work out that suits your lifestyle. This can mean taking the dog for a long walk three times a week or joining a class with your girlfriend. You can also make activewear your daily wear to get you inspired to be physically active throughout your day.  

These are small changes that make a big impact. You can choose activities that are personal to you but what important is to break down each activity by week and track your progress. 

Get the Gear and Look the Part 

If you’re planning to join the gym and start your fitness journey, you want to invest in some activewear. While you might not think what you wear to the gym is important, think again. 

Not only does great workout apparel boost your confidence with a flattering fit and style, but it can also help you make the most out of your workout. 

The latest in trendy workout apparel comes with compression fabric that helps you burn fat as you exercise and helps to support your muscles during and after a workout. Compression gear is supportive and comfortable which can help you exercise for longer and burn more calories. 

Additionally, if you look and feel good in your fitness clothes, you’re likely to stay at the gym longer. The Jaylene High Waist Leggings from Style Loft are the best compression leggings to help you nail your workout. They are super stylish and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe in and out of the gym.  

Get Ready to Rock Your Fitness Resolutions

Getting in shape can be challenging but, with the right preparation, you can feel motivated and inspired all year round. Remember to plan ahead, set realistic goals, make fitness part of your lifestyle, and invest in high-quality activewear. 

Visit our online activewear boutique for a full selection of fitness apparel, including compression leggings and activewear sets, and let Style Activewear give you a stylish start to the new year!