How to Style Yoga Pants in 3 Simple and Trendy Ways

How to Style Yoga Pants in 3 Simple and Trendy Ways - Style Loft Activewear

Yoga pants are not only super comfortable but are also easy to style. You don’t have to feel limited to wearing your favorite yoga pants in the studio during yoga class. When styled the right way, you can get a ton of use out of your leggings. 

Plain black leggings are the perfect canvas to create a chic outfit with stand-out pieces and loads of accessories. But, you can also try yoga pants with a variety of different prints to jazz up your outfit. 

If you want to get the most wear out of your leggings, we’ve got 3 trendy styles to ensure your yoga pants are in heavy rotation! 


1. Wear Yoga Pants With Knee-High Boots.

Knee-high boots are a style statement on their own and paired with sleek black yoga pants, you’ve got yourself a hip evening look. The knee-high length of the boot is perfect to give the pants a more sophisticated look because it hides the tapering at the ankle. You can even pull off a capri length with the right boot! 

You can easily dress this outfit up or down. Add a stylish trench coat and some accessories, and you can rock your yoga pants for a night out. For an edgier look, you can throw on a leather jacket and leave out accessories. 

These are great options to get some great wear out of your yoga pants during spring and fall. The Leatherette High Rise Legging is ideal for knee-high boots because of its sheen, leather-like material. 


2. Pair Yoga Pants With an Oversized Denim Jacket.

Yoga pants are great on their own but style with a vintage denim jacket takes your look to the next level. Because a denim jacket has so much coverage, you can wear any top you like. You can wear your favorite crop top or even a bralette. 

If you want to elevate this look, you can opt for a matching yoga set with leggings and a stylish sports bra. Style Loft Activewear offers a variety of beautiful sets to complete this trendy outfit. You can wear this outfit running errands, out to lunch with the girls, or even for a coffee date. 


3. Rock Yoga Pants With a Blazer.

If you want to know how to make the most out of your yoga pants, incorporating yoga pants into your work attire is an important styling tip. 

This style trend is perfect for a casual business meeting. With this outfit, it is important to layer the blazer with an airy and loose blouse, to balance out the body contouring element of the yoga pants. You want to make this look a little more formal, without revealing too much. 

You can choose a blazer that is longer or ensure that your blouse is an appropriate length if you have a short blazer. This can be paired with an ankle boot or even a professional pair of heels. 


Try These 3 Trendy Styles That Allow You to Live in Yoga Pants.

With a quality pair of yoga pants, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. When put together with the right outfit, you can make your yoga pants your style staple! Give these three yoga pant styles a try and remember to thank us later. 

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