Four reasons to make activewear, daily wear!

Four reasons to make activewear, daily wear! - Style Loft Activewear

Your style says a lot about you. If you’re a busy mom on the go, a boss in the office, or a trendsetting influencer, chances are, your style reflects your personality and your lifestyle. 

Clothes are a great way to express your personal style, show off your mood, and tell others who you are. While you may love fashion, it can be difficult to find an outfit that suits your busy lifestyle and makes you feel confident. 

If you’ve recently noticed an activewear trend taking the fashion world by storm, it's no surprise. The perfect blend of style and comfort takes form in ultra-chic activewear and we’re here to give you the scoop on the best brand! 

1. It Easily Transitions From Day to Night

One of the best things about activewear is that you can easily transition your outfit from day to night. 

With a busy schedule, it can be difficult to fit in your morning errands, afternoon soccer practice for the kids, and evening cocktails with the girls - let alone having to schedule an outfit change or two. 

With a stylish set of activewear, you can take on your day in one comfortable and fashionable outfit without worrying about being dressed for the occasion. You can keep your outfit casual in the day with a pair of your favorite sneakers, then throw on some accessories and a cute pair of flats for the evening. 

2. It is Both Stylish and Comfortable 

We’ve all been there - you see a gorgeous pair of pants or an elegant jacket and even though they don’t fit you quite the way you’d like, you sacrifice your comfort in the name of fashion. 

With activewear as part of your daily lifestyle, you don’t have to compromise your style in order to be comfortable. You might think that comfortable clothing is unflattering or boring but activewear has also come a long way since spandex and lycra. 

Recent brands like Style Activewear have created beautiful and trendy styles with high-quality materials made to last.  

3. It Is Flattering on All Body Types 

There is no better feeling than a pair of leggings that sculpt your body, hide imperfections, and give you a flawless lift and tuck. 

Like many women, you might have insecurities about your body from time to time. You may be surprised to know that what you wear can also have a major impact on your emotions so you want to wear clothes that make you feel good. A great pair of leggings will make you feel sexy and confident and give you a much-needed boost of self-esteem. 

Not only do leggings conform to your body, but they hug your natural curves. This body contouring helps to accentuate your feminine figure and cinch your waist for the ultimate hourglass shape. 

4. It Motivates You to Hit the Gym 

There have been many recent studies that show that your clothes can affect our behavior, our mood, our attitude, and our personality. We often dress for the occasion but there is science behind dressing to get you motivated to reach your goals. 

If you’re heading to a job interview, you dress like you’ve already been hired for the position. The same goes if you’re not motivated to hit the gym - throwing on your gym clothes can inspire you to go. This is because wearing activewear acts as a reminder to make healthy decisions. 

Style Yourself Comfortable with Activewear by Style Activewear. 

Finding the perfect outfit that fits into your lifestyle can be difficult but with stylish activewear, you can stay trendy while enjoying the comfort of a casual outfit. Activewear is not only very flattering, but it also motivates you to hit the gym, and easily transitions from day to night. 

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